PLEASE READ BEFORE TURNING IN YOUR SYSTEM: Make sure that you have any CDs or cables that came with the system at the time of turn in. Failure to turn in these items may result in the delay of your repair.
In bringing my personal computer for maintenance or repair, I understand and agree to the following: * AAC does not accept responsibility for any damage to my computer's hardware or peripheral devices. * AAC does not accept responsibility for backing up any data or installed software applications that may be on my computer's hard drive. I am responsible for making sure that any critical data is backed up before bringing my computer to AAC and for providing copies of any licensed software if necessary. * I acknowledge that an AAC technician will work on my computer as soon as possible after I bring it in. * When I drop off my computer, an AAC technician will give me an estimate of when the repair or maintenance will be finished. If this estimate changes, the technician will notify me at the phone number or email address listed above. * I understand that when I bring in my system for repair and/or work that I will be charged a minimum of 1 hour work on the computer. Any further work needed will be quoted. * When I pick up my computer, I will make sure that I also pick up all peripheral devices and media, and I will not hold AAC responsible for the subsequent loss of any items that I may leave behind. * AAC technicians will work on my computer to the best of their abilities; however AAC does not guarantee that its technicians will be able to solve the problem or problems that my computer is experiencing.